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Student services and support programs

School ILO

Annette Lee is the Shailer Park State High School’s ILO or Industry Liaison Officer. Her email is

School Nurse

My name is Michelle and I am the School Based Youth Health Nurse.

The Youth Health Nurse is employed by QLD Health however does not ‘do first aide or the sickroom’. There are very capable first aide trained staff in the school that do this.

The School Based Youth Health Nurse role is to give health information and support to young people so they will make healthy choices in their life. I also work with the school community on issues that may affect the health and wellbeing of young people and the school community as a whole. This includes providing evidence-based programs and information for curriculum, teaching and learning activities; providing health information and referral; supporting the development of an environment and school culture that supports health and wellbeing; and working with community and other services.

I work with young people, school staff and parents to:

  • Promote health and wellbeing around relationships at home and school, bullying, alcohol and other drugs, mental health, sexual health and general health and nutrition. 

  • Create a supportive, healthy school environment

  • Connect people with other support service.
  • I often work with the school to arrange health promotion activities with students and staff during lunch breaks in line with National Health Weeks to inform, educate and motivate people to make healthier choices so they can fulfil their potential physically, socially and emotionally and therefore have more choices in life. Some of these days are International Woman’s Day; National Day Against Bullying; Drug Action Week; Mental Health Week; Day to End Violence Against Woman; World AIDS Day, Pink Ribbon Day; The Love Bites Program (a Healthy Relationship learning Program for Year 11’s) etc.

  • I also conduct classroom sessions on Puberty, Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs and Sexual Health to support curriculum or in the Social and Learning Program

  • I can facilitate Girls Groups and Anger Management Groups

To contact me my email address is

Guidance Officer 

Nicky Stone is Shailer Park State High School’s Guidance Officer who provides a guidance and counselling service for students and their parents/guardians. The service enables students to successfully balance an increasingly broad and challenging range of educational and developmental issues that challenge them in their progress through high school.

These issues can include career goals, parent-adolescent relationships, grief and loss, peer relationships as well as mental health concerns. Within the school the Guidance Officer works with other members of the Student Care Team, Administration and Teaching staff for the benefit of the student. 

Educational counselling/information 

  • Assist students to select subjects and courses appropriate to their interests 
  • Help in developing successful and effective study skills 
  • Help students and parents/guardians to interpret school assessment and provide information on tertiary entry (OP scores/QCS test, tertiary rank selection) and the QCE  
  • Help students obtain accurate, up-to-date information on careers, courses, school-based traineeships and apprenticeships, TAFE courses and private training organisations
  • Tertiary pathways – Universities and or private colleges 
  • Personal counselling for students and parents/guardians
  • Help students successfully resolve personal concerns which may adversely affect progress at school and home 
  • Enhance students resilience and coping skills with stressful situations during their adolescent years 
  • Enhance parents coping skills 
  • Where necessary act as a liaison/referral person to community agencies and/or specialist organisations (Department of Children’s Services) on Student Protection issues.

How to make an appointment 

Students and parents/guardians can make an appointment in person through the reception desk in the front office or by calling (07) 3451 2777. The guidance officer can also be contacted via email at

Youth Support Co-ordinator

Our Youth Support Coordinator at Shailer Park State High School is Marley Butler who has been with us since 2015. Marley provides individual support, case management and, where appropriate, group support to students to maximise their engagement with education and training.
Support includes:
  • Student referrals to appropriate agencies and support services that will assist students to overcome barriers to education and training.
  • Identifying and providing appropriate assistance to students experiencing difficulties at school and at home which may put them at risk of leaving school prematurely.
  • Developing and implementing programs to support social and emotional wellbeing as required e.g. addressing social skills, assertiveness or self-esteem.
She can be contacted at